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User Rating: 8.2 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
I loved this game. This star wars based LEGO game is very good, I found it very enjoyable and although it was not that challenging, being a fan boy of star wars I really liked it. The graphics bring out that amazing 3D lego image that is expected. All the characters in it have each there own special abilities and defenses. The constant humour it brings out in the story play was very funny and made the game that much a little bit better. One thing I think I was disappointed in this game was that it was very short and easy. Yet that can be explained by it having a kids rating also. The thrill of collecting studs, mini kits and all of it adds up to having your spectacular gallery of ships to look at after is good. One main thing I think they achieved greatly in this game was the co-op.So whenever your stuck on a level and the computer partner is getting annoying just plug in your friends controller and have a blast it is fun and also funny. 

Well I recommend this game to anyone who wants a simply fun game and ofcourse to any one fans of either star wars or LEGO! ;)