It really shouldn't work at all but somehow it works brilliantly

User Rating: 8.8 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
Lego and star wars fused together wouldn't make for the best game you might think but you'd be wrong. It makes for one of the best star wars games around just by being so simple and easy to get into. It is based around episodes 1, 2 and 3 and contains 17 levels. 6 from episode 1, 5 from episode 2 and another 6 from episode 3. It also has a special bonus level set at the beginning of episode 4 that you unlock by getting true jedi status on every level. You achieve true jedi status by collecting a certain amount of studs(the currency in the game). The more studs you get the more things you can buy from the main hub which is Dexters diner. You can buy characters, cheats and hints. Now lets talk about the individual parts of the game.

Gameplay- The gameplay is so fun because it's so easy. You attack with one button, jump with one button and pull of special moves with one button.
It's a game designed so that any type of gmer young, old, good or bad can play. It's also very forgiving because if you die you just reappear where you where minus some studs.

Graphics- Graphically it's not amazing but it's good and puts across the lego figures well. The cutscenes are well animated and genuinely funny.

Sound- The sounds are all recreated well from he lightsabres to the blasters to the sound of the pod racers. In cutscenes the characters don't talk though they just sort of mumble a bit.

Value- It is good value for money and has a good lifespan despite being so easy and so short. I cleared it in about 8 hours on my first run through but it has gallons of replay value. There are tons of collectables and even a two player drop in drop out mode which makes for double the fun. It may be short in main gameplay but it keeps you coming back.

In conclusion it's a fun easy to play game with buckets full of charm that may be short but will always be fun to play no matter how often you play it or how good at games you are. A game truely for the whole family.