It could have been better...

User Rating: 6.1 | LEGO Racers PC
Now I don't usually write negative reviews for any game, but the frustration of this game drove me to be harsh. The concept is cool, build your own racecar out of lego bricks and then drive it around, but the racing element was poor. In fact, the most fun I had with this game was building lego cars and driving them around the test circuit.

The entire game looked cool. When I put the disk in I was greeted by a menu screen where i promptly made my own driver and then proceeded to build him a car. I made it as cool as I could, sticking on lances (my driver was a knight) and spoilers as well as lights. Then I proceeded to go straight to campaign mode. I waited for the timer to countdown and when it did, the aggressive AI shot off, leaving me to attempt to master the controls. They decided to harass and pick on me while I tried to fight back, they rarely damaging each other. Like a pack of sharks they picked on me until they once again pulled ahead, at which point I was safe until they lapped me again. This pattern proceeded until the finish line. The race ended early with someone else a winner.

That story puts the principle of Lego Racers' main flaw into view, it's too hard! The AI is over aggressive, taking advantage of newer players and gutting them like a fish. Even in easy they seem to be masters of the Grand Prix, outracing newbies like me easily. The level design was fun and imaginative, featuring buildings made of Lego bricks, but there were also many hazards for a newb to find and consequentaly get destroyed by. In fact the whole racing element of the game was something I veered away from as I found that the ruthless computers seemed to like pounding my sorry butt.

From then on I focused on building cars, in fact, the build function of the game is perhaps it's best element. It's fun and easy to just build cool cars or even theme cars, I once built several cars for some of my favorite Formula 1 drivers. It's just plain fun to build. Unfortunatly, the extra sets were only unlockable by beating the atrociously hard single player so I was stuck with the four starter sets and two starter frames.

I never beat the single player, I think I was too frustrated after about 5 hours. I really tried to like this game, but after the dissapointments I just gave up on it and so it still sits on my shelf, waiting for a day when I might try the game again. But after my experiences 6 years ago, it won't happen soon.