Well, hard to describe. Fun yet boring at the same time, creative and easy at the same time.

User Rating: 9 | LEGO Loco PC
Lego Loco is a great game. You can build your own cities, make a train empire, build road cities, see already created maps and see the Loch Ness and do tons of other stuff. It's a great game with a lot of cheats like turning a conductor into superman, getting Nessie to surface, changing the weather, etc,etc. You use a variety of tools such as road builder, a bulldozer, undo, building creator, scenery builder, save, load, and background to make each map different.

Unfortunately, at the same time, once you've mastered it, it gets a little boring and it doesn't just have the same feeling. Too simple to master, this is just a 'create your own world' game, there's nothing to master, really no hype.

If I were you I would play with this a little at a time, mastering the secrets slowly and still enjoying it at the same time.