It's fun, but then a little boring after a little while

User Rating: 7 | LEGO Loco PC
LEGO fans are sure to love this more than anyone, but people just looking for a game to play will probably find it a little boring like me.

So what happens is you start building your town and then get people and transport them around the town with a train.

But there is another way by just picking them up with your cursor and dropping them somewhere else, although it's more fun with your train.

The graphics are pretty good for 1998 which of course, it's 2D but still good.

There are lot's of secrets like how to get cars to drive on the road and stuff like that.

The quickest way to get people is to make a mansion and after a few seconds LEGO people appear.

You don't need money or anything it's not a tycoon game

it's just a simple train simulator game
which most train simulators I enjoy

You can also choose the speed of your train
you don't need a disc in the CD drive to play it so if you loose the disc just put it on a USB or something which is good

So hardcore LEGO fans, you go buy this game now
otherwise people who are just into train simulators you will like it
or people who are bored and want something to play will like it for a while.

Come back to it over and over again and it is still fun.