A okay game, but not amazing.

User Rating: 7.5 | LEGO Loco PC
Lego loco is a very funny game, but its not a special one.
The good things:
the game get new things every seasons you are in for example in Halloween then there come some pumpkins and much more. But the bad thing is you can just ma0ke your date on your PC. And when you make your date to chrismas there come some flowers whit snow.... Another thing is you can merge things together for example set 4 explosives case together and then you get a big
explosives case. if you think about it is frome 1998 ita a okay graphic
The bad things:
there are no camping you just make you own city (not because thats boring) and look around whats go on in your town. That is the ground why it gets so boring, when you have make your city you can just sit and lok whats going on the only thing you can do is to make a mail card. But when you do that you stop the time in you time and then there do no happens in your town.

Created by Madscornelius