Harry Potter Lego PS3

User Rating: 8 | LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 PS3
It felt like not so long ago that EA were releasing their first PC version of Harry Potter, The Philosophers Stone. But now, and for the first time ever, they brought it to life, by creating an up-to-date game available for all consoles.

I actually purchased this game on its day of release and was very excited about going home to test it out. In theory, I was totally right in purchasing this game for several reasons. First, the games mechanics and overall quality is amazing. Secondly, and from the moment you start playing, you know that the games going to be extremely adventurous.

Like in previous Lego based games, you collect studs. But their is much major improvement made to this game that tells it apart from previous Lego games, such as Lego Indy and Lego Starwars. This change can be spotted from a moments notice. Many people when playing will spot that their is a better in-game camera view, which makes it feel more proper rather than viewing from top-down view, which in my opinion is quite annoying in Lego games.

For fans of Harry Potter whom have the games, books and films, then this game is definitely one you should have on your gamers shelf.