A must have for all you war fans out there!differs from all the others because you dont level recruit tactic on others..

User Rating: 9.6 | Legion Arena PC
this is a kind of game i wanted to see in a strategy game and i got it! you can recruit new people get loads of rep and to make them differ from one another they get different abilities from different squads! this game is more about fighting and tactics then a story but the battles fit in good from the stories..there are a vast selection of soldiers from auxilia archers to legionaries to elephants! and it is well worth it! i got it for £19.99 and it is really best money for value, not good.. best! I would give this a nearly 10 ! if it had a better storyline and more scenarios even though theres loads of scenarios already but u know u get d kind of feeling u dont wana finish it too early lol. and yea this should definitely be on your christmas list