Rich in detail and mind-numbing challenges. Seamless gameplay. It's like a retro dungeon crawler on steroids.

User Rating: 8.5 | Legend of Grimrock PC
If anything this game is a little too challenging on the normal level, and may turn off a number of players based on sheer difficulty alone. I feel emotionally and intellectually drained after a fairly short while, but I always seem to manage to figure out the puzzle, and there are usually several on every level. I will then take a break for a day or so, but I keep coming back for more. Combat is no breeze either, everything you do has a big impact and death is always one mistake or mis-step away. If you are looking for a romp through the daisies, you can forget about this one. For a seasoned RPG veteran who always ends up playing at the most difficult level, this game is nirvana. If you like lots of little customizable details that have noticeable effects on combat then this game is for you. As a result it should have replay value. If you ever played an old dungeon crawler such as the Ultima Underworld or Bard's Tale or (showing my age) Wizardry, then this game feels like a modern day evolution of that genere, one that is long overdue. This one is worth every penny I spent on it, and is a real bargain at its opening price imho. This one figures to stay on my favorites list for a long time as there has been nothing else quite like it out there for years.