Old school Dungeon Crawler that harks back to the wonderful delights of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder.

User Rating: 9 | Legend of Grimrock PC
Legends of Grimrock, what the hell is that? My first thought as I clicked on the link. To my utter surprise this appeared to be a leap back in time to the wonderful dungeon exploration days of Dungeon Master & Eye of the Beholder. Not only have they captured the soul from the Dungeon crawler era, they've improved upon it. For the uneducated amongst you, Dungeon Master let you create a party of 4 and turn by turn you'd explore a dungeon, mapping as you went, solving riddles and nasty puzzles whilst fighting creatures way too powerful for your team. LoG has this option but wisely have included automapping (on squared maps for authenticity) with ability to write notes. Graphics and sound are atmospheric with level design that not only tips the hat to the former greats in the genre but pushes it beyond. Be aware this game is rather difficult, but as was its mentor - Dungeon Master which also threw a certain amount of strategy into how you deal with your tough foes, and in so, making LoG a modern gem. I'm 5 levels in and hooked. Each room you get to has hidden dangers and rewards to find. The turn based mechanics have been sped up. If you don't move the enemy will keep going. I can't fault this game as Dungeon Master is one of my favourite games of all time and this bows down graciously and accepts the mantle with respect and thought. I would have liked to have seen more types of wall tiles and maybe a skill to kill monsters with doors, but that's just personal aesthetics.
Would I recommend? Definetly. This is a must purchase for those that want a trip down memory lane. I really hope this sells in bucketloads and we start seeing some first person games that throw an old but new spin on the genre. A virtual tear of joys slides down my wizards sleeve as I fight my next mushroom spore.