Less of a game. More like a stroll through a haunted mansion.

User Rating: 5 | Layers of Fear: Legacy NS

The Good:

- The sounds suited the atmosphere

- the visual effects were creepy most of the time. But negated by your character's invincibility.

- the narrative around the paintings were cool


The Bad:

- you're character is invulnerable. That took out the sense of fear for me. It just felt like I was walking from one room to the next not caring what popped up, cause I knew it wouldn't hurt me. You can fall off cliffs, but you'll just respawn very close by.

- not enough dialogue. The narrative is given to you through random pieces of text found. It wasn't enough to piece together full picture. By the end, I felt like I knew only very broadly what happened.

- The jump scares were nullified by the fact that you were invincible. I didn't care cause I knew they would do nothing to me. No punishment. I just kept walking to the next room.

- Too many drawers to open. Most have nothing, making me lose incentive to open any more and potentially missing some collectables or plot texts.

- When I look down, i have no legs, it feels like I'm controlling a hovering camera, not the protagonist of the story.

- wish there were npcs of some kind. The entire experience felt like I was taking a stroll through a haunted mansion. One that I can find in my city during halloween. Felt like a point and click adventure, rather than a game.