Bland game with terrible controls.

User Rating: 4 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
Just another generic action/puzzle game that makes you collect random crap (scattered all over the map) and spams annoying enemies which you have to rapidly vanguish.

Game feels bland and uninspiring.
Moreover, I found myself fighting the controls more than the enemies. Perhaps, though, it was created with the consoles in mind and optimized for a controller. I wouldn't know. However, since I'm a hardcore PC player (M+KB all the way), I write it down as a con.

The graphics are ok I suppose. Nothing spectacular and the only reason I didn't go lower than a rating of 4.

Unfortunately I can't really comment on the story since I got bored so quickly with this game, that I stopped playing after less than an hour. Haven't touched it since. A total waste of money, IMO.

If, unlike me, you like Diablo style gameplay (with some simple puzzles) you might give this a try, though.