A classic boxing game. Fun for all.

User Rating: 7.5 | Knockout Kings 2002 XBOX
This game is pretty good. The only things I disliked about it, was the easyness in career mode for one. I beat Career Mode my first go around with the game in under 4 hours. Another thing I disliked about it, was that you just add attribute points unlike most other boxing games, when in career mode you are able to train in different areas and depending on how well you train in that area is how many points are added to your stats. I really enjoy that aspect of boxing games, and wasn't able to have it in this one.

The controls were a little difficult, as the opponent would back off when he was about to get knocked down, and you couldn't always chase them, it would just make you sit there and start ducking and what not when you tried to walk forward after the opponent. Other then that, the controls for the punches and blocks and what not were very consistent with any other boxing game, and worked out nicely.

You are able to compete in career mode in 3 different weight classes. Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight. I decided to start off in Lightweight and work my way up after beating each one. I did this mainly too see what big name boxers they had for each weight class. Some pretty good boxers showed up in this game. Hence the name "Knockout Kings" I suppose.

If you are looking for a fun and eventful career mode in a boxing game, I wouldn't really recommend this one. There are many other boxing titles out there that have a more interactive approach to career mode.

This is a fun game to go into multiplayer with a friend and fight to the bell. I believe this is what the main reason of this game was for, because not much went into the Career side of this game.