User Rating: 9.4 | Knockout Kings 2002 XBOX
Knockout kings 2002 for the xbox is a superb boxing title that every boxing fan, or even non fan should pick up. The controls in ko 2002 is great. If you throw a jab it looks very real. If you string punches together for all of the fight then you will eventually see blood pourining out of your opponents head. If you want to fight dirty, you can use a low blow, be careful, the ref might see you. The best feature in knockout kings 2002 is the carrer mode. in this mode, you can create your own fighter or you can choose one thats already in the game. After you have chosen your fighter, an outscene will play of your of a guy telling you he is going to be your new mentor. The rest of this mode is pretty stright foward, just keep winning fights until you come to the ko undisiputed champion. Knock out kings 2002 is a superb boxing that every boxing fan with an xbox shouls pick up.