Kirby sinks a Hole in one with Kirby's Dream Course.

User Rating: 9 | Kirby Bowl SNES
Kirby's Dream Course is a really fun game with alot of your favorite Kirby Characters.

You also Kirby the Star riding cream puff, or mashmellow or what ever he is, are playing a course by course golf game, and there are power ups, and everything, like convaier belts, wrap zones, water hazards, and sand traps.

With the power ups you can take ones enemies power up like the High Jumper, Tire, Stone and the Tornado, power ups, that all help you on your adventure, with all of this going on, you have to try and gety at least a par on each hole.

There are sometimes bumpers, and then there can also be no bumpers, which help you stop when they are there.

You can also set up shots, so you curve and even a chip shot too.

But the whole main point to this game is really two things, you frist have to defeat all of the enemies, and the final one turns in to the hole to finish that hole.