Simply one of the best over-looked games of the SNES era. Kirby's Dream Course is a blast!

User Rating: 9.3 | Kirby Bowl SNES
It's shocking that so few people know Kirby's Dream Course. It's easily one of the most addictive multi-player experiences on the SNES and now Wii. Great level design, game play, music, and that all to lovable Kirby feel make this a must own or must download title.

The basic premise is mini-golf. Players must get a legless armless Kirby into the hole of a golf course riddled with traps, enemies, and pit falls. Simply choose the power and degree of arc to knock Kirby around the coarse slamming into enemies. Certain enemies give you those recognizable power-ups that are standard to the Kirby games; like stone skin, shock, and the wheel. Players can activate these powers at anytime during their shot. Going to end up in a water hazard? Simply turn on your ice ability in the air and freeze the lake. Shot Kirby to far in the air? Simply turn on your stone skin and drop like a rock. It's extremely inventive.

Graphics and music wise Kirby's Dream Course is not the best the SNES has to offer. The graphics are colorful to the point of hurting your eyes, but they match the Kirby theme and are presentable. The music has that certain Kirby feel which is great, but nothing really outstanding.

The single player game runs 8 courses with a silly boss fight at the end. The boss fight is really tacked on and could had been done without, but once you're past it, every course will be unlocked for multi-player. And that is where this game truly shines. Going head to head with friends is simply wonderful. With both players taking shots in turns, players can use their stolen abilities to attack each other. It's like full contact Kirby golf!

Whether you find it in the bargain bin at your local game store or if you're downloading it on the Wii, Kirby's Dream Course is well worth your money and time. A must have title.