A fast puzzel game

User Rating: 7 | Kirby's Ghost Trap SNES
I had this game as a kid an i was really good at it but could not beat the 1 player at all. The game is like some puzzel games you played before but yet diffrent. You match 4 blobs of the same color to send an avalanche of white blobs over to your opponet. it's like teters attack only the blocks come from above not below. The maine killer of this game is it's speed. It game get really fast real quick making it a gmae of more impulse than skill. Some times it's just luck to win. The singel palyer is plunty long and each foe has his/her own style of stacking but dosent really change the fact htat your gonna get pooerd on in the later stages so much it can be impossible to win, you just have to keep palying untill it dosen't do it one time. There is 2 palyer but as i said the speed picks up way to quickly. Even if you set it at the slowest speed in a minute or two it's near full speed. Theres also the fact that this game dosen't really stay fresh for long some wil lget tierd of it quick mostly due to it's diffculty. Still it's a solid puzzel game.