It's a nice, beautiful, and cute puzzle game.

User Rating: 8 | Kirby's Ghost Trap SNES
First off, this is my review on amazon and I'm just copying and pasting it. Anyway, without further ado, here it is:

Kirby's avalanche is one of those spin-offs like mario paint or pokemon puzzle leauge. I bought this game because I had and "fc twin" which can play NES and SNES games (It's not offacial) and all I had for it were two NES games, super mario bros. and the legend of zelda. When I read on wikipedia it coulden't play kirby super star I was pretty disapointed so one day when I was looking for kirby SNES games I came across this. After reading reviews and watching videos on google video, It reminded me of tetris but with cute blobs. I wanted a SNES game. I wanted a kirby game. I wanted a tetris-style game. I wanted a game with cute blobs. And finnaly, I wanted a 4-dollar game (XD). So I bought it!

Now for the gameplay. This is how you play: Different colored blobs will fall down in pairs; you must have four of the same color (or more) attached by having them fall to the ground or each other. When this happens, they will explode (not like a bomb, they'll just kinda go "poof") If they fill to the top, the game is over and you can retry the level you were on. The main way to win is to get chain reaction where a set of blobs explode, the different colored pair on top of it will fall down on to more blobs of its clolor, causing them to explode as well and on and on. When you do this, gray blobs will fall in your oppontens side of the screen (depending on how much chain reactions you cause) the only way to get rid of gray blobs is to explode blobs next to them. The ones the explosion was next to will dissapear. The controls are bassicly the same as tetris. .On the start menu, you have the choice of playing "competition", "1P VS. 2P "(Two player mode, player one versus player two) "Practice", and "options". Competition is where you have a chioce of choosing "learning stage" which is only 3 easy levels, "normal, which starts you off at the beginning, or hard, which is about three enemies later after normal. How it works is you start playing one computer, and keep on advancing. practice is self-explanatory but I'll tell you how it works anyway. You choose a diffuculty and play alone (actually a two player can play if he or she wants to, but this is beside the point) when you get a game over, you can restart. Then there's versus. whoever has there blobs get to the top, thus losing, first, will lose. Then you can rematch or quit. finnaly, there's options. This most likley the coolest options screen iv'e seen. You can change the controls, listen to all of the music and sound effects in the game, etc.

All in all, its a good game, just challegning.