this game is awesome worth playing on the snes system love it love kirby games

User Rating: 10 | Kirby's Ghost Trap SNES
the gameplay is base on puyo puff series i don't really know the history about it but moving right along the gameplay is fun to play never play with 2player game but all i can say it like taking on the cpu oppents there 3 games on this i is competition 1p vs 2p & practice mode competition is where u have to beat your oppent to advance to the next stage until u face king de de de i remember that i hade to beat it on very hard mode in order to get something in return in the option menu next is practice mode like the tetris clear as many block as much as u can its endless this game was really hard for me to beat i used be good at playing but as time changed still try to learn how to play it again just like this game i remember that the cpu always manages to beat me all time but still i love this game i recommend it