its 3d kirby in a 2d moving enviroment, oh wow i turned into a fridge

User Rating: 8 | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64
Kirby 64 is just plain fun sucking up enemies and taking their powers and then combining the power with others to make some very interesting combinations, like fireworks, fridge, on fire Kirby and rock animals. The plot for the game is help some fairy collect crystal shards around the solar system to eliminate the dark evil from the universe. Along the first planet, each level kind of you meet a friend which if you beat them in a battle, will help you along your journey and make your trip allot more easier. You might think you're done the game when you get to the final level and beat the weird boss, but you're not done, you need all the crystals in the game then your transported to a boss thing, which is harder than the last boss whom you thought was the final boss.

Overall this game might be a little corky, but down the road it becomes a dam nightmare at the final boss.