After all these years, Kirby 64 still stands as a unique and fun platformer for everyone to enjoy.

User Rating: 8.5 | Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards N64
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards was one of the most unique Kirby games out of the entire series. First making its debut on the Nintendo 64, players took control of the little pink puffball Kirby as he along with Waddle Dee, Kind Dedede, Adeleine and Ribbon soar through the entire galaxy to locate all of the shards from a powerful crystal that the main enemy of the game, the Dark Matter, is trying to get their hands on.

Along the way, Kirby can inhale and swallow almost any enemy in the game. By swallowing them Kirby can use their powers to his disposal. While this was one of his main abilities throughout all of his games, Nintendo added an extra addition to the copy ability: by throwing the power that Kirby inhaled with an enemy that wields another power will form an even powerful combination of the two. Example: combining bomb and cutter will give Kirby ninja shriukens that explode upon impact with anything. With at least 9 powers to combine in this game, the abilities range from very useful (bomb and cutter as I mentioned), completely USELESS (fire and ice) to major fan favorites (cutter and electricity).

Needless to say, Kirby 64 makes its way to the Wii's Virtual Console and the game still plays well since its debut in 2000. The graphics are still just rich and colorful, controls work well even the highly sensitive GameCube analog stick and all the charm in a Kirby game are still intact. Also other than the main story, one can add 3 extra controllers and play against their friends in 3 mini-games such as apple collecting and leapfrog racing. All 3 games are fun to play, not to mention it being a lot more fun to play with friends other than the A.I. at times.

However, the game is very easy to finish and extremely short as well. Anyone who is looking for an immense challenging should turn away now. Or the charming appeal behind Kirby might turn you away too, never mind the fact that these games are suitable for kids yet adults can find some fun out of them as well. It doesn't matter how the game is portrayed, who it is more appealing to nor how long the game lasts, Kirby 64 is still a great game for everyone to play. For just 10 dollars, you can experience Kirby's first (and hopefully not his last) 3D adventure ever.