Great Game Play Hampered by Unneeded Hype

User Rating: 5.5 | King's Bounty: The Legend PC
I really enjoyed the concept of the game. However, considering that this game has the same "mechanics" as Heroes of Might and Magic III, I expected this game to respond well to the hardware requirements specified on the box. I installed this game and the expansions on various systems and operating systems hoping for a different outcome [XP, 7, AMD, Intel, NVidia, ATI] especially when the hardware far exceeded the recommended system. (Yes, patches were applied) The game loading sequences between combat, adventure areas, and town locations was horrible and took away from the game play. Combat also ran slow giving a lot of system resources to the animation of every unit involved as well as the battlefield. The character development and adventures in King's Bounty the Legend are fun to play. I really liked the aspect that the player was penalized for divorcing their spouse to get ahead in the game. The manual was well laid out and was a valuable reference during the game. You might consider playing Heroes of Might and Magic III + IV Complete or Heroes of Might and Magic V if game play is more important than eye candy. Summary: A solid game that was hampered by unnecessary hype that doesn't really add to the game (non-interactive items that add to the load time).