kingdom heats re coded takes some steps forward for KH on the DS but also SOME STEPS BACK.

User Rating: 8 | Kingdom Hearts Re:coded DS
I am a major Kingdom Hearts fan so I just had to play re coded. I am enjoying the play through so far, especially the leveling up. Altering chances of getting prizes is a cool, along with the whole status matrix concept. You can now change the difficulty during the game which is def good for some players. Combos are a lot better then days and the command deck from birth by sleep is always great. Some steps back from days are the camera, which is very annoying in this game. The side scrolling levels are tough and not that fun. No offense to square but I dont want to see alice in wonderland ever again in kh..EVER. Besides that all of the great features including a great story make this another great installment in the kh series to prepare for d day...KH3.

P.S. once again gamespot has been to harsh on the rating, thumbs up if you agree


1. Good story
2. Great and improved combat on the DS
3. Command decks are back!
4. More voiced cutscenes then days
5. A lead in for the future of kh signaling that the story is far from over.
6. Very unique and versatile leveling system


1. Really bad camera
2. Same Worlds
3. Side scrolling is frustrating