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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cheats For DS

  1. Stat Increase Glitch on a Second Save File.

    You can increase your stats in a second save file. This glitch requires that you already have a save file (preferably one where you have high stats).

    1. Die. Simple as that.
    2. Select 'Load' on the game over screen.
    3. Select your desired high level save file.
    4. Use the B button to exit the load screen. Make sure you don't highlight a different save file, just press B.
    5. Continue game.
    6. Take a look at your stats, they should be increased to around half of the selected save file.

    Opening the Save Menu, the Stat Matrix, or exiting any System Sector will result in your stats reverting back. Similarly, transitioning to a new world while playing through the story can revert your stats, along with gaining/losing SP for the first time in each System Sector. This glitch is really only useful on a different playthrough on a separate save file.

    Contributed by: hisroyalbonkess 

  2. Get avatars in tag mode only using one DS system

    For this to work, all you have to do is go into tag mode and let your system run. Even if there aren't any other transmitting devices (like other DS or a Wii) around, you will eventually meet randomly generated artificial avatars. It's pretty random, so sometimes there will only be one encounter in one to two hours and other times there will be several encounters in half an hour. Those avatars work just like any real avatars and they will provide you with scratch cards, let you build your avatar sector down to 100 floors and you can get all available avatar parts from them.

    Contributed by: Nogaham 

  3. Meet Avatars and get Avatar parts without leaving your house.

    Never really go anywhere with a bunch of people? Not very many people have KH:Recoded? Have a Wii? Guess what? You can still get meet Avatars and get Avatar parts!

    Steps: (note you must own a wii and have internet access on it)
    1. Go into the avatar menu of KH Re: coded and begin tag mode
    2. On the Wii, go to the Nintendo Channel
    3. Go to DS download service
    4. select a demo and have the Wii prepare it for download
    5. Once the Wii says that it is transmitting the demo, you should have an avatar ballon popup within a few minutes.
    6. Select the balloon and use the scratch card
    7.back out of the transmitting demo and go back into it
    8. Repeat steps 4-7 as desired

    Contributed by: Omega_Zero_XP 

  4. Trophies

    To get a Trophy, you must meet certain conditions in the game. There are 30 in all. Each one provides a chip for the Stat Matrix that boosts HP by 2, Strength by 1, Magic by 1, and Defense by 1. Also, collecting 20 allows you to look at the secret movie video.

    Get 50+% of the Avatar Parts from the Avatar Sector. Avatar Collector
    Complete all 100 floors in the Avatar Sector. Avatar Sweeper
    Find 70+% of all items, cheats, chips, weapons, and abilities. Champion Collector
    Use every one of the cheats. Cheater
    Finish the storyline. Closed Book
    Bring one command to Lv. 100 with the [CR] labeling. Converter [CR] LV. 100
    Bring one command to Lv. 100. Converter LV. 100
    Complete all worlds on Critical difficulty. Critical Acclaim
    Defeat the Eliminator. Eliminator
    Complete a world, start to finish, with the HP Cheat set to 0%. Fatal Flawless
    Beat the Ice Titan in Layer 30 of Olympus Coliseum. Ice Titan
    Defeat all kinds of enemies, even bosses (except the Buggy Roxas of Hollow Bastion's System Sector), at least once. Justice for All
    Learn 80+% of what enemies' drops are. Lord of Loot
    Complete all worlds on Proud or Critical difficulty. Proud Achievement
    Finish all quests. Quest Bester
    Find all Rare Prize Blox. Rare Prize Roundup
    Find and finish all floors of all System Sectors, even the extra ones. Sector Sweeper
    Put one chip of any type in every slot of the Stat Matrix. Sultan of Slot
    Complete all worlds with a Level under 15. Technician
    Defeat the mystery opponent of Castle Oblivion. Twilight Triumph
    Complete W1 (Destiny Islands) in 5 minutes or less. W1 Speed Runner
    Complete W2 (Traverse Town) in 15 minutes or less. W2 Speed Runner
    Complete W3 (Wonderland) in 15 minutes or less. W3 Speed Runner
    Complete W4 (Olympus Coliseum) in 10 minutes or less. W4 Speed Runner
    Complete W5 (Agrabah) in 15 minutes or less. W5 Speed Runner
    Complete W6 (Hollow Bastion Part 1) in 15 minutes or less. W6 Speed Runner
    Complete W7 (Hollow Bastion Part 2) in 30 minutes or less. W7 Speed Runner
    Complete W8 (Castle Oblivion) in 10 minutes or less. W8 Speed Runner
    Max out the level of each Keyblade. Weapon Wizard

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  5. Secret Ending

    To unlock the secret ending in the theater mode, you have to collect 20 trophies or more.

    Collect 20 trophies or more Secret Ending

    Contributed by: Freak_Guy 

  6. Theater Mode

    Complete the game once on any difficulty and Theater mode is unlocked. You can watch any Cut Scene in the game as many times.

    By completing the game once. Theater Mode

    Contributed by: kingricky123