no joke! this game BLEW me away.... for 5 bucks! you can not miss this game

User Rating: 9 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
to be fair. I am only 2 hours into the game, and from what I have read the game only takes 5-7 hours to beat. So far this game is 100000% underrated. I am having a blast and I have gotten REALLY sucked in. 1st off. I paid 8 dollars for this game (3 for shipping). If you can find this game for 10 bucks, even 15 I STRONGLY recommend picking this game up. It is well worth 1 play through if not 2 or 3 (co-op). Its nothing amazingly speical. Its pretty bare bones and is lacking much depth. it is a 3rd person shooter. from the start of the game, the story starts simple enough and things go bad VERY quickly. kane and lynch run through shanghai running chasing bad guys and killing them. Its fun. The visual style is GREAT! the story has gripped me way harder than I expected. I usaully dont care a flying flip about story in most games ESPECIALLY these bargin bins pick ups, but they story got me. I had 30 minutes to play before work today, and the game was going great... then something happened. It was totally messed up and really got my attention, but I had to save and go to work......and lets put it this way. I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET HOME FROM WORK AND KILL THOSE (bad guys in the game) MOTHER %%%%%%% FOR WHAT THEY DID!!! yeah. thats the feeling I got from this 6.5 out of 10 game. maybe for 60 bucks this game is a 6.5 but for 5 or 10 bucks. this game is a MUST buy (and FYI I just got done with A v P which gamespot blasted, that game is BAD ### too for a budget title).

Is the game short. yes. so I am told. but this game is must not miss bargain bin title.