One of The best Co-Op games so far, Great Game Play and Visual Style...

User Rating: 8.5 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days X360
Kane&Lynch 2 is one of the great games for Split screen and Co-Op, K&L2 is better than its previous game, the story is straightforward and simple, but the gameplay is great they notice to every standard for a 3rdfps game, I've finished this game with extreme difficulty and i have to say, it was so hard! you spend most of your time to cover and blind firing....


K&L2 has 11 chapters:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Shanghai
Lynch is waiting for his old friend Kane, who has just arrived in shanghai to help him and his boss, Glazer, with an arms's the first time the two have seen each other since the Venezuela incident....

Chapter 2: The Details

Lynch's small detour resulted in a blood bath, Bradly was prepared and things got out of hand, resulting in the accidental death of Bradly's girlfriend and his own suicide, baffled, Lynch tries to figure out what to tell his boss Glazer, but leaves it for later, Bradly is not important now.

Chapter 3: Blood,Sweet&Tear

The attack on Glazer was on Hsing's turf, one of shanghai's most feared criminals. if he has an issue with Glazer, it could be the beginning of an ugly gang war, bad for deal, bad for everyone, Glazer is worried and sends Kane, Lynch. and the rest of his personal army to talk to Hsign and find out more.

Chapter 4: Laying Low

Hsing tells them the hit was on them, not Glazer: Bradly's girlfriend who they accidentally shot was the daughter of Shangsi, and he will want revenge. Lynch has to warn his girlfriend Xiu and stay low. he leaves her a message to meet them.

Chapter 5: Coming Home

Xiu never turned up at the restaurant and Lynch's plan to keep low went to hell. the policemen who are in Shangsi's pocket caught on to them and they are now Shanghai's most wanted. arriving at Xiu's apartment block, Lynch is anxious, hoping Xiu is safe. but Kane is Skeptical....

Chapter 6: A thousand Cuts

Lynchm trying to protect Xiu, knocks out Kane and surrenders himself. but it's futile and his actions turn out to be a signed death sentence for all three: Shangsi wants to even the score for the death of his daughter and not wanting to see his hands dirty, he leaves it ti Hsing to finish the job.

Chapter 7: The Deal

Lynch, devastated over Xiu's death, wants revenge, an Shangsi. Kane convinces him meet with Glazer and get on the boat with the arms cargo leaving the country tonight.

Chapter 8: Out of Shanghai

Glazer betrays them to save his own skin, but Kane and Lynch catch up with him. begging for his life, Glazer tells them he has a private plane, they can leave the country....but he's shot by Shangsi's men. realizing is unbeatable, they have to find a way out of shanghai, either by finding Glazer's plane or another way...

Chapter 9: Air Strike

Escape is futile, shansi is always one step ahead. Kane and Lynch are more captured and their face now seems sealed.

Chapter 10: Resurrection

After the bold attack on shangsi's building, their chopper is finally shot down, crashing on top of the rood....they survive, but only barely. however, now they have landed in the lion's den and if they want to stay alive, they haven't find a way out fast.

Chapter 11: One Way Ticket

Having shot shangsi and now being China's most wanted, Kne and Lynch need to leave the country fast. their only chance is to find Glazer's plane. the airport is under high security and it's a desperate plan, but they have no other option.


The Game play is addictive, and has any standard for a 3rdfps game, the camera is like some one fallowing you with a handy cam, the way you knocked on the ground is thrilling and exciting, the enemy AI is great they take cover very well, with extreme difficulty you die with two shots!

Story Mode has:

Split Screen Co-Op
Xbox Live Co-Op

Arcade Mode has:

9 maps:
1-Subway,2-Bridge,3-Airport,4-Fish Market,5-Harbor,6-Financial,7-Dry Dock,8-High rise,9-Radio Tower and some other modes for multiplayer like Fragile Alliance, Under cover cop, cops& Robbers.


The Graphic is good, the dark atmosphere covers the low textures....the environment transfer the filthy street of china... the physics is good not much to tell...


The Audio is great, the Dialogs between Kane and Lynch are enjoyable, the way Lynch talk to great....

Overall it's a fun game and worth to play.