The 5 most intense hours of my gaming life...

User Rating: 10 | Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days PC
The game may be short (as this review) but every single minute was worth it.

And honestly, it was propably the most intense 5 hours of my gaming life. The story is immersive, the action doesnt even let you breath, you feel hunted from the beginning to the end and Lynch's quote "This never ends!" describes the feverish atmosphere in the most succesful way. Overcrowded Shanghai with narrow built blocks and streets looks like an unescapable hell-trap!

Some complain that the story mode was very short (only 5-6 hours in normal mode), so what? Believe me, you will enjoy it as in no other action game. What is the point of playing a game of 15+ boring hours when you have such a solid package as this one.

An honest 10/10 from me.

Just rent the game, try it and then buy it. Its worth it.