Good budget buy. Loads of action and fun. Just too easy and side missions get too repetitive.

User Rating: 7 | Just Cause X360
"Just Cause" is a fast paced, stay on your toes third-person shooter with plenty of action and LOADS of gunfire. It had the potential to be one of the greats but sadly dropped the ball.

First off the difficulty was extremely easy (for example: three helicopters, four armed vehicles and a ton of people on the ground all shooting for you and rarely do you ever get hit by so much as a stray bullet as long as you stay running.). The entire game was easy until the last few missions right at the end then they amp it up a little (but sadly a little too late.).

Secondly, auto targeting was great, TOO great. There was nothing you really had to take your time aiming at at all, just point in the general direction and the self aim would stay locked on the target until 1.) you changed it. or 2.) the target pretty much walks off screen.

Thirdly, the side missions get very repetitive after too long a time playing them.

But even taking all that into account this is still a very fun game with some pretty solid game play. Just to name a few good good things:
-It has a ton of weapons to take advantage of.
-The gunplay really makes your heart pound taking down group after group of bad guy.
-You can stop a pedestrian and take their vehicle GTA style (even kick a guy out of an aircraft to fly a little.).
-The grappling gun is neat.
-You can call in a vehicle drop, which comes in handy.
-Your always wearing a parachute so you can jump off anything.
-I thought the graphics were pretty good.

Considering you can buy this game for around seven or eight dollars it makes it a great budget game. The good aspects of the game (and the price) outweigh the bad to me so I'd recommend it.