A great open world game a huge place to explore, so how is Just cause 2?

User Rating: 7 | Just Cause 2 PS3
Gameplay- The game is an open world 3rd person shooter and a very large one at that. The game takes place in a tropical location which has jungle, sand and snow. In the game you have a storyline to complete but to do that you need to cause enough mayhem to unlock the next mission. This can be done by taking out enemy instillations and doing missions for the local gangs.

The map have over 300 locations and each has upgrade points and enemy instillations that need to be destroyed. There's a lot to do and explore.

Graphics- the graphics are good theres not the best amount of detail in it but has good graphics, the vehicles and surroundings hae great detail but the characters aren't so great. If they talk out of cut scences there mouths don't even move.

Sound- Theres no music which would of been good as you have to do a lot of travelling. The voice acting is painfully bad but the gameplay makes up for that.

Summary- A great game very hard but theres alot to do and play.

+ Huge map
+ Great gameplay

- Painful voice acting