It's a game about a shark! What else do you want?

User Rating: 8 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
This game was trashed by critics from day one but lets take another look at it. First off it's a game about a shark so how much depth could there be? You swim around and eat and destroy stuff; end of story. The real fun here is for people like me that like alot of carnage in their games. This is basicly a Jaws simulator which means your not like a real shark in the wild but the crazed bloodthirsty sharks from the movies. In between missions you have an entire island to explore and wreak havoc in. The real downside here is the controls. There are alot of little glitches with the camera that can frustrate but an experienced gamer can learn to get around these fairly well. The learning curve is another issue as well; figuring out the controls will take a little time but once you figure them out you will be destroying boats and tearing off limbs in no time.

All in all this is not a perfect game but for fans of all the Jaws movies like me it was cool to be able to interact within the Jaws world.