Tear up the sea!

User Rating: 9.3 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
All my reviews have been guilty pleasures lately. I'd have to say the same for Jaws!

The game play is incredibly satisfying! Tearing through the sea and carving a bloody path behind me is indeed great fun. The controls and special moves are easy to pull off and add to the fun of tearing up boats and the sea life. My favorite move so far is the "Body bomb" This lets you blast out of the water at high speed and belly flop onto a nearby boat capsizing it or crushing it and sending the passengers screaming into the water. It is all I expected.

The graphics are a bit above standard, I particularly like the splashes and smash effects when the shark collides with a boat or shark cage.

The sound is classic, another thing I hoped they would get right. Hearing that "dum dum" whenever I start sneaking up on something sends chills up my spine.

I have to value this title at a ten, It is pretty cheap and worth the bucks you spend to chew your way through over 8 different levels including a huge open ocean area.

All In all I have been waiting for Jaws to come out for a while and I am NOT disappointed! A fun game and well worth the price.

Pick this up!