A Fun, Solid Cover Based Shooter. Not Innovative but Worth Checking Out.

User Rating: 7.5 | Inversion X360
This game could have been better, there's lots of potential there for it to be better and there's a lot they could have done with it, but overall it cynically copies the formula of other Cover based Shooters and comes off as a fairly generic.

The reaction to this game hasn't exactly been fair or balanced, instead of judging the game for what it is, a solid if generic cover based shooter like Gears of War, this game has been judged for what it isn't, innovative. Judging it as a cover based shooter, it provides a solid experience, the story is actually decent even though the acting is at times a little hammy, and the multiplayer is at least fun and rewarding.

King of Gravity is intentionally imbalanced and fun, other multiplayer match modes are standard and exactly what you would expect from a cover based shooter.

Covering the story, I won't spoil the twist but it explains how and why your planet is being invaded, and ties everything together fairly nicely. It isn't that strange a twist as far as sci-fi games go, this is after all an alternate universe, an alternate earth, judging it by how absurd it would be given our real world space program is missing the point.

Is this game worth buying? That's debatable, it actually is a solid game with fun multiplayer and the price is likely to go down, at the very least this is definitely worth a rental. If you have nothing else to play, check it out.