Brings back memories

User Rating: 7 | I Am Setsuna PS4
I started my gaming career when I was about 6 or 7 years old and it started with Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES. And Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, well I guess you got the picture. This game instantly felt as those oldschool, awesome RPG's that transported me directly into awesome adventures in which I was the only one who could save the world. Even the storyline of I am Setsuna reminds me of a lot of previous played RPG's. But that's immediately one of its flaws: the storyline is not really new. Even though I understand that may be because of the creator's wish to bring an ode to the classic RPG's, I don't think it's necessary to have a storyline that reminds us in almost everything of other games we have played. The gameplay, the world map and the overal impressions are enough to do so. In Kir I see Vivi, in Setsuna I see Yuna, in her guardians I see Lulu and Kimahri and so on. What this game tried to achieve is also its biggest flaw: it is great to be reminded of your early, childhood gaming years, but that's also why it doesn't really feel as if you're playing a new game. It feels as if you've beat this game time and time again already. Also, while I have yet to finish the game, it doesn't feel as if it's a big game. The dungeons are the smallest I've ever seen in a game, which leads me to believe I'll finish this game sooner than I wish to. Because despite of all of the above, it is beautifully done and I enjoy playing the game a lot, partly because of the memories it brings back. In sum: I am Setsuna feels as though it's unfinished. As if the creators experimented wit this to see if there's an audience for old school RPG's in a modern gaming world. I hope they do see it like this and that enough people will respond enthusiasticly, so that in the future they can create a bigger and deeper adventure.