What a colossal disapointment !

User Rating: 1 | I Am Setsuna PS4

This game is Treason, A betrayal of the gamer's trust - What a colossal disapointment !. I am huge fan of "old school rpg" , downloaded the game for my ps4, and i want my money back!. Why?. because this game is made for babies!. I was playing for about 4 hours waiting for 1 challenge, one miserable moment of thinking !. Only one monster that would make a problem... God!, It's the first time in my life i missed difficulty settings. This game doesn't Require leveling your characters!. it's so damn easy i didn't need to stop for a single moment. all bosses are like butter!. Not to mention the boring dialoges and the map that is the dullest of the dull. i paid 48$ for the game and had not a second of joy !.Was promised an old school rpg and got a babies channel cartoon.