Sadists will love this...and everone else too.

User Rating: 8.8 | Hitman: Blood Money PC
This game is addictive. You don't need to know fancy buttons or a difficult storyline to play, either. You're a hitman: that's all there is to it. Hired on different missions, you can assassinate roughly a dozen different people in various ways. Unlike most games, you aren't limited to the simple handgun or pocketknife. While those are still options (for all you old fashioned folk) you can choose to take out your victims in several other interesting ways: poisen, suffocation, strangling- it's all there. You'll have a blast testing out all the different ways to satisfy your inner sadist.

The settings are also very well done with top of the line graphics. You can be set in a peaceful neighborhood where you must avoids citizens wandering eyes in order to take out your project; you may even be situated in a dirty warehouse full of hostages (whom you may or may not choose to take pity on). Although the music that plays in the background can become an occassional nusance, for the most part it remains realistic and enjoyable.

Gameplay is rather easy. You find out fairly quick how to catch on to pulling out your gadgets, dragging bodies, movement, etc. There aren't a million buttons you need to know and memorize like many other games on the market nowadays.

The positive: It's a very enjoyable game. You won't want to stop until you've reached the end.

The negative: Very short for what you might expect. It seems like as soon as you start, you're halfway done.

The point: Satisfy your inner sadist. Buy this game.