Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

User Rating: 9.2 | Hitman: Blood Money PC
Hitman 1,2,3 were great games but they did have there faults. Like getting caught when you didnt even do anything wrong or the fact you could climb things. This new game however they have listened to the faults the last game had and cleaned it up. Now you can walk down a hallway without being shot at, climb to things you want to go to, and kill like an assasin would. Graphics are totally amazing i think this is one of the prettiest games i've seen, great lighting effects are one of the stand out points. The 3rd game felt abit like and expansion on the 2nd game, this one however you can do loads more and it has far more depth. You can upgrade your weapons for example the hardballers at the start you only start off with one, its loud and not very stealth effective. But do well in your missions and you earn more money and you can use the money to buy upgrade. There are loads of things to upgrade on them too you can have duel ballers attach laser sightings on the gun add a silencer, longer barrel more powerful bullets (you can buy bullets that can go threw walls and doors). All these upgrades make your life alot easier. But its not just that you can buy body armour to give you that little bit more help. There are loads of things and this gives the series a breath of fresh air. 47 has loads more killing moves you can now use hand to hand to knock people out you can throw them off balconys stuff the bodys in bins. Stealth kills are great fun too. If there is a guy in an elevator you can use your fiber wire and pull them up the elevator shaft (Leon style). There is also a strong plot line this time too (which i felt there never really was a story to the otheres) it isnt a metal gear beater but it is gripping. Overall this game is amazing great graphics totally upgraded gameplay and a good story make for a killing game. buy it now