It's nice to see a perfect port of the best Harvest Moon in the series.

User Rating: 7 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
Ok I'll admit it, Harvest Moon is a little too addictive for me, I just love 'em. I was really disappointed when I stumbled upon 'Innocent Life' which was nothing like the Harvest Moon I'd come to love over the years, but then I found 'Boy & Girl' which is basically a port of the PSX version... not bad, not a lot of money but uses lots of your time, but very deep.

It's hard to explain when it comes to Harvest Moon, it's certainly not 'revolutionary' and it isn't to everyone's taste, but it's relaxing, slightly challenging from time to time and it keeps you coming back for more just because you love the feel of having your other own little life...

Harvest Moon is all about you, a farm, a little village and those little adventures that you create while your in this world. You become to love certain characters in the game and dislike others, and just when you think you've done everything possible in the game, there's something else waiting around the corner. One of the main things that'll keep you coming back for more is the whole 'girlfriend' events. One of the main things you might want to do is get a wife, and it's not easy, you don't have to get yourself a wife, but it'd be a good idea if your wanting your own family anyhow. However, there's just so much to do that you'll find yourself on your PSP for a long time.

It's as simple as this, this game is a little underrated, there's a lot of gameplay packed on this one UMD and even if it's nothing new or not, that's the case with most of the Harvest Moon games, they were made to give you a farm living experience, not to start a revolution. Worth a look at for any RPG type gamer, worth a purchase for any Harvest Moon fan.