I love Harvest Moon but this is very poor I am not going to Lie It should have been simple port but no very poor

User Rating: 2 | Bokujou Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy & Girl PSP
Yes sadly this game was very bad im afraid to say I thought I give it ago after reading all reviews I used me own jugment thinking oh wont be that bad butsadly it is and I love Harvest Moon I even love the DS version but this one was awful.

The Game play is great same as the others great game play.

But what makes so terrable is the frame rate it awful for example just picking your dog makes it freeze going in building takes about 3 -4 secs loading time dosent sound a lot ok but whne you in and out of building reguler that means you lossing 3-4 secs of frame times per mintue I understand on a baisc console like GBA or Game Gear even but this is PSP this ment to run game like this its sleep expect it struggle it just hash job I am sorry I do not reccomend.