Simple and relaxing. A game that opened my eyes to an entire series and paved the way for years to come.

User Rating: 7 | Harvest Moon 2 GBC GBC
If these games are so repetitive, so similar to the next, why do we still play them? For me, it's the simple freedom, the timeless experiences, that make the difference. Apart from the refreshing lack of violence, maybe you'll discover an unknown desire to become a farmer. Who knows. In all seriousness, it did what it promised: you could become a virtual farmer, raise livestock, grow crops; it seems unfortunate, now that I look back in fond remembrance, that it was an awful lot like hard work for the lazy gamer like myself to balance all these things. I made my money by fishing. Dawn 'til dusk. Granted, it wasn't very exciting.

Still, my adoration for future Harvest Moon games had to come from somewhere. Yes, some of the PS2 games were a letdown, but they still let me waste away a few boring hours when I should have been doing something more productive. Getting married, having a baby, festivals, relationships, cooking: these were the real highlights of the games. Sadly, Harvest Moon 2 for the GBC only had festivals. They were considerably dull.

Anyway, the verdict? It's a classic, I suppose, and enjoyable if you're not a grumpy old lady like me. I wouldn't bother, even if you could find it; just get Back to Nature instead for the PS1. It's the epitome of all Harvest Moons, trust me.