If you are a fan of the Harvest Moon series, or a small child buy this game.

User Rating: 6 | Harvest Moon 2 GBC GBC
It is difficult to give this game either a poor or a positive review. Yes it does have all of the elements that Harvest Moon has become famous for; farming, livestock, fishing, upgrading. It does not however give the player the chance to marry, start a family, or really have a lot of fun. The first year through this game can be mildly entertaining, with each new festival, and the new crops and livestock. However after that first year this game becomes dreadfully boring extremely quickly. I would have to say the only reason I put so much time and effort into this game was because I was so sure it would get better. Sadly however it doesn't. You live the same boring day over and over and over again until this game will one day gather dust in your dresser. I would recommend this game only to Harvest Moon fans, collectors, or parents buying a game for a small child (under 10) who is still in the stone age of hand held gaming.