HP: OOTP has some very 'Mixed Reactions' as what could have easily been a great game is let down by some "Annoyance

User Rating: 6.8 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PSP
Here is my review for HP: OOTP PSP.

Length: The game is a good length for a movie game. HEAPS to explore.

Graphics: The graphics look good but aren't perfect. The textures on the walls inside Hogwarts look really nice while the outdoors textures don't live up to the inside. The character textures are pretty good, but only for the main characters.

Framerate: The framerate is a bit choppy. Good for the most part though.

Loading Times: The loading times are alright. It loads when you enter into new areas through paintings or if you go outdoors but it's really short.

Sound: The sound is very nice too. Good sound effects and great Voice acting by the film actors.

Gameplay: The game play is Fun. Hogwarts is HUGE and you can free roam around and explore at almost anytime. You collect newspapers instead of jellybeans. How you collect the newspapers is a good idea, you use a spell which pulls the newspapers off the walls or you find them in bookshelves. There are 70 to collect and they are posted and hidden all around Hogwarts. With these newspapers you unlock slideshow images from the latest film. Apart from newspapers you are fighting to gain respect from fellow students. There are 3 metres which show your respect from the different houses at Hogwarts. Now back to Hogwarts... it features main areas from the film and even has some of the sets from the older films. You can go almost anywhere you can think of from the movies. The Clock tower, Hospital wing, Myrtle's Bathroom(from HP2), the Owlery, the prefects' Bathroom(from HP4), the Trophy room(from HP4)and even the Transfiguration room(from HP1 and onwards). Because Hogwarts is so big you follow footprints on the ground to find where your quest takes you next. These footprints tend to get very annoying when you are under the Invisibility Cloak as they try and lead you towards the objects you can’t interact with when under the cloak. Story: The story is ok. It’s very hard to follow if you haven’t read the books. Because of this you tend not to pay much attention to the overall story and just what is asked of you at the time. To top this off most of the time it feels like parts are missing.

Controls: The controls are good and simple. Casting spells is just a matter of holding down buttons or tapping then holding down buttons. Takes a little time to get use to.

Camera: The camera on this game SUCKS. The game would be HEAPS better if it had some buttons to control the camera. The camera does not follow Harry from behind like HP1,2 & 3. The camera is almost suck on the wall and just moves to keep Harry in the center. The camera is like a mix between the older Potter games and the terrible HP4. In HP4 the camera was fixed in one position and the HP1,2 and 3 the camera followed Potter from behind.

A.I: The A.I in this game are not that great. When you are being followed by Ron and Hermione they often get in your way. Some of the bad guys are easy to defeat but some are challenging.

Saving is annoying. This helps bring down the game. You can only Save after doing a mission. If you go and free roam and collect some of the Newspapers you have to do a mission to save.

Overall: 6.8
Score was put down due to horrible camera and Saving and some other little annoyances. But overall the game is quite Fun and worth having a go.