Don't judge a game by it's cover

User Rating: 9 | Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix PSP
Ok, so maybe all you people played the beginning and though it was dumb but
just play a bit more and get into Hogwarts thats when the fun starts. The game is simply a remake of the castle from all the films, just like GTA a remake of a city. What I have to say is that don't judge a book by its cover, same with games just because the cover is dumb or it starts dumbly don't think thats the whole game. Gamespot simply plays the start and if they can't get through it or have little time, they don't go through it well. I mean look at the psp not the brightest console out there in the market but this game looks well on it graphics are good for this type of console. Imagine the psp was the only console you could get and you should really be happy to see a couple of sticks moving across the screen.