high on fun, low on production value.

User Rating: 9.5 | Happy Wars X360
its typical for most "professional" reviewers to give a game like this a low score. its a game that just concentrates on fun and not much else. unlike most first person shooters these days, this game actually tries to be different and succeeds with flying colors. hell, ive had more fun with this game than some of the best games ive ever bought that i actually paid money for. dont let the "free-to-play" moniker frighten you away. i have gotten quite far in the game and play multiplayer co-op with friends and with strangers on a daily basis and have not spent a single penny on this game and i never will. the game does co-op so well that even players that are 20 or more levels higher than you help you more than hog all the fun. its really disappointing that gamespot gave yet another great game a low score in recent days (resident evil 6 is the other example), while a lot of other undeserving crap gets overrated. just because a game is different doesnt mean its bad. from the average review score i see here, it looks like most people agree with me.