Halo 3...... Bungie has outdone themselves yet again.

User Rating: 10 | Halo 3 X360
Bungie, you truly are one of the godly game companies. You have outdone yourselves on the Halo trilogy. I loves all the Halo's. This game, is a good example of what work you could do. Now, to talk about the game. Halo 3 is an amazing game. I was gone nuts since I heard of it. I was counting the days. I continued playing the other Halo games, but I still yearned for this one. I could barely sleep as it came to only 10 days before Halo 3 was released. The wait was well worth it. Halo 3 was incredible from start to finish. As soon as I watched the opening scene, I knew this was one for the ages. The amazing new graphics were the first thing I've noticed, as well as the rest of the people who've played, I'm sure. The graphics moved me. Best graphics I've seen since watching Final Fantasy Advent Children. Next thing I noticed was the new HUD. Kind of like the Metroid Prime HUDs, but less stuff on it, so you didn't get distracted from the battle. The next thing I've noticed were the massive change in enemies. I thought I seen some Elites on steroids, but after beating them enough, I've found some Brutes under the armor! I loved the fact that the brutes have armor, and they were tougher as well. Another thing I learned was the more interactivity. The enemies and marines had a lot better lines to say. I also like the new weapons. I really like the new and improved Assault Rifle. Though it only has 32 bullets per round, it was still able to dispose of a pesky Brute no problem. The new vehicles of course were really great as well. I'd have to say, my favorite would be the Hornet. In my opinion, it is much better then any of the other vehicles. The Mongoose was pretty cool too. I had fun riding around on that thing. Another thing was the fact that this time, you could beat the Flood down with your weapon. In Halo and Halo 2, you wouldn't affect them. In this one, however, you can break them to pieces. The ending sequence however, I was not to pleased in. I'd say why.... but for those who beat it probably all ready know. I won't say it, for I wish not to spoil it for those who have not played it yet. All in all though, Halo 3 is a game that only comes once in a year to once in a decade. Halo 3 is to Xbox 360, as Final Fantasy is to Playstation. Thank you for reading.