Not quite Opposing Force, but still pretty good

User Rating: 7 | Half-Life: Blue Shift PC


+ The opening 30 minutes are pretty good

+ Nice subtle soundtrack and upgraded visuals

+ Nice Halflife/Opposing Force easter-eggs

+ Mostly solid Halflife gameplay


- Continues the bad trend of having enemies spawn behind you or in cheap locations

- There was one section where smashing crated = autopickup of weapon for the first time and you end up suicide with a grenade, poor design Gearbox

- Another section involves scientists repeatedly shouting out "help me", with everything indicating a "storage area", but they are actually in a unmarked train, another bit of poor design

- No new weapons or enemies

This is cheap as dirt now, and on sale alot, so for 2-3 hours, it's difficult to go wrong, while not quite on the level of Halflife or Gearbox's previous expansion pack, it's still alot better than your run of the mill shooter.