The One PSP game that I get the most out of for a bargain price.

User Rating: 9.5 | Guilty Gear Judgment PSP
I have about 8 PSP games, and they usually cost around 30-20 bucks a piece. SO i was buying a few games and I had a choice get 1 30 bucks game or get 2 cheap 10$ ones, well in this case i chose the 2 10 $ ones getting Daxter and Guilty Gear, Believe me this was the best choice. I would still say this was the best choice even if I only had guilty gear. Guilty Gear is a 2D sprite based fighter in the style of Street fighter. This style of games is kind of starting to lose popularity now due to newer games like Tekken and Soul caliber (3D fighters). Despite this Guilty Gear has good graphics. Its 2D graphics are beautifully drawn with vibrant colors and great effects. Not only does it look good but ti also sounds good. The music is actually written by the same guy who created the series and each character has his or her own theme which really matches their personality, ie. Robo Ky has a metallic sounding theme. The in game music isn't the only thing that is musical about guilty gear though ; each character is based off of some music band or song, such as Testament and Judgment. Most of the Music tie ins are about queen.

I'm getting off topic, the point is that Guilty gear is a good fighter for people that are good at these kinds of games, once mastered it can provide hours of fun on the go. It provides 2 different games on one UMD. The first one is guilty gear judgment which the umd is named for, an exclusive side scrolling beat em up which is OK if you like that kind of thing, but the real place where it shines is the other game which is a port of the Xbox, and PS2 game Guilty Gear XX # Reload. This is the Sprite based fighter that most of the series was made to be. The only real drawbacks to this game are that it doesn't have a story mode like the Xbox and Playstation 2 versions do and that The PSP controls hurt your hands after awhile when trying to do the combos on the D-Pad.

For 10$s this was easily the best value for any PSP game that i ever bought. Despite what Gamespot Says I believe this game deserves a 9.5