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Guilty Gear Judgment Cheats For PSP

  1. Fight EX Characters in Arcade and M.O.M. mode in Guilty Gear XX #Reload/Slash

    On the main menu, highlight Arcade or M.O.M. mode and press and hold R while selecting the gameplay mode. The enemy AI will now use the EX version of each characters, or Kliff or Justice instead of the normal characters.

    Contributed by: Nthenorm 

  2. Alternate Arcade and M.O.M modes

    On the main menu, hold down L while selecting Arcade or MOM modes to fight against Gold characters. Robo Ky, Kliff, and Justice will also appear as opponents.

    Contributed by: Crono exe 

  3. Extra Character Unlockables for Guilty Gear XX Slash

    The following conditions unlock slightly altered versions of each character. To select these characters when unlocked, highlight a character on the character select screen, press start, highlight the version of your choice, and the press a button to select the character. Alternatively, EX and SP versions can also be unlocked through survival mode.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Arcade mode with that character. #Reload version
    Complete Mission Level 2 with that character. EX version
    Complete Mission Level 3 with that character. SP color

    Contributed by: Nthenorm 

  4. Unlock the 15 other Characters in Story mode of Guilty Gear Judgment.

    To unlock the 15 other Characters in Story mode do the following.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Stage 3-2 With Slayer Anji Mito
    Complete Stage 3-1 with Chipp Zanuff Axel Low
    Complete Stage 2-1 with Millia Rage Baiken
    Complete Stage 2-1 with Ky Kiske Bridget
    Complete Stage 2-1 with Sol BadGuy Chipp Zanuff
    Camplete Stage 2-1 with May Dizzy
    Complete Stage 2-1 with I-NO Eddie
    Complete Stage 4-2 with Sol BadGuy Faust
    Complete Stage 4-2 with Potemkin Jam
    Complete Stage 2-2 with Dizzy Johnny
    Complete Stage 3-2 with Bridget Potemkin
    Complete stage 2-2 with Millia Rage Slayer
    Complete Stage 4-2 With May Testament
    Complete Stage 3-1 with Eddie Venom
    Complete Stage 2-2 with I-NO Zappa

    Contributed by: Yakumo_The_Wu 

  5. Cheat Codes

    In order to use these codes, Press Start to pause the game, Press Select (Hides Menu) and enter the codes, you'll hear a metal "clang" if you did it right. These codes work on All versions of Guilty Gear Judgment (Reload Bundle or Slash Bundle JP/US/EU) Please Note: --The Extra Soul (1UP) code only works in "Main Story" Mode and can be used 999+ Times or as many as you like! --The Life + Tension Max Code works in both "Main Story" and "Survival" Modes. --The Gallery Code will only work once you've unlocked every character's ending. --The Soft Reset Code is universal for nearly any PSP Guilty Gear game.

    Effect Effect
    Start, then Select: Up, Up, Down, Left, Start Extra Soul (1UP) Code (Works over 999+ times!)
    Put the cursor over to "Quit" in the Main Menu, and press L + R + Circle Hidden Gallery Test (Beat the game with everyone first!)
    Start, then Select: Down, Right, Right, Up, Start Life + Tension Max Code (Works in Story + Survival)
    L + R + Start + Select Soft Reset (Works on any GG PSP game)

    Contributed by: Mimeblade 

  6. Unlock Judgment in Judgment Mode

    To unlock the character Judgment in Judgment (story) mode, get to level 6-1, and find all the letters of Judgment, hidden in various chests scattered throughout the level.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Find all letters of Judgment in level 6-1 Judgment

    Contributed by: neozeroEXE 

  7. Gold characters

    To use gold characters press L and R at the same time while selecting your character.

    Effect Effect
    Press L and R at the same time while selecting a character Play as a gold character

    Contributed by: OliviaTremor 

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