It's ok at first, but when you get into it...

User Rating: 5 | Guilty Gear Dust Strikers DS
I'm a fan of fighting games, but this one didn't go to well as expected. The graphics are great. The sound is ok. The music was great too. The control isn't that good. The first time you play this, you could get frustrated, the you would end up fighting away from your opponent. Or you could get confused. When you pick up an item, that item will appear on the touch screen on the right side. In other words, the touch screen acts like another button, which is cool, if you're right handed, either way, it's only for items. You, and your opponent automatically defend, because of that, I can't pull of combos, I don't know, or I don't think there is way you can get them unguard, so you have to strike when they drop it, which I have no idea how. It's fun if you have someone to play on local wireless battle. The game have mini-games for you to play if you get bored or if you're tired of fighting, OR if you WANT to take a BREAK (which I don't know why, not because I'm a fan of fighting games. Couldn't you take a break, I don't know why people are saying this, but your hand does get hurt, so why would you want to take a break by playing a mini game after your match? If you ask me, you're just asking for a carpel syndrome, So omit when I said, "OR if you WANT to take a BREAK").
Now This game is good once you get used to it, that if you've got an interest in this game, you would get into to it, and guess what? You probably beat the game. This game is short. Sure you can go ahead and unlock moves for your customizable fighter, but there's no fun at the end. The boss is pretty hard, I don't know how to beat it. And you can switch the game from the 4 options to: easy, medium, hard, mania(or whatever it's called), but you would be repeating the same thing, unless you want a challenge.

So this game is ok, but it's short. I wish I have the option to make a second classification, but calling it "too short" isn't what I'm aiming for.
This game would've been good if it had wifi battle, but with the control difficult, I guess not.