The game has some good point, but how many times can you see the same scenery and get excited?

User Rating: 7 | Guild Wars Trilogy PC
-No subscription fees
-Other players are nice
-You get your own private map when leaving a town or outpost.

-Hard, ridiculously, mind numbing, retarded hard, as in it will make you freaking retarded after a few hours of mission you can't win and enemies who are lower levels and seem to out skill you.
-You will get to a point where missions are way to hard then suddenly they are way too easy and redundant.
- The death penalty that take away your health is so stupid and annoying. You have to continue the mission but you have 60% less health then you did before, you know when you couldn't defeat him before, but they expect you to pass none the less.
-annoying mission about collect this, and go to this far, far away place when you are only level 2 or 3.

When I first played this I found my dark place. It was extremely boring to travel across a continent with no fast travel, or even faster travel option. No horse, or creature to make riding faster, and enemies EVERYWHERE. That is my biggest gripe with the game. The level system means nothing at all, because level 2 can kill level 10 with no real challenge. The community is OK, but I like playing with the AI more than with another player. That is just how it is with me. If there is one thing I wish they would add, it would be a fast travel system that has more options then just go to a town 10 miles away from your objective verses going to a town 50 miles away from your objective. Do that and I will give this game a solid 10.