A definate attention grabber with the "free online play" label. GWF gives you what you want in a fast-paced action game.

User Rating: 8.8 | Guild Wars Factions PC
Guild Wars Factions is the "stand-alone" add-on to the hit MMORPG of 2005, Guild Wars. Meaning, you won't need to have the original Guild Wars to play it. Though, if you do own the original game you can link them to travel between the continents of Tyria and Cantha.
Guild Wars Factions gameplay is close to what the orginal had, yet slightly different. The PvE (player vs. enviroment) is very fun but, not as long, and cooperative missions and story aren't as engrossing as the original. If you played the original then you know right-off-the-bat how to get down with the skills, armor, builds, etc. If you're a newcomer, looking for a good (free) online game, then GWF will take some getting used to. Saying that shouldn't make you stray away from it, because learning the mechanics of the game will take you 30 minutes, at most. After all the simple mechanics are learned you can pick up and go mission after mission; quest after quest. Another big part of Guild Wars (the original) was the PvP. With GWF, there is a slew of new PvP offered. The biggest of them is the Alliance Battles. These PvP matches are 12v12 fights of 3 teams of 4 players fighting it out and capturing posts to win the game. Winning an Alliance Battle (AB) will get you faction points added to which ever faction you have chosen, wheter it be Luxon or Kurzrick.
The visuals of Guild Wars was always a big plus in the MMORPG world, because it surpasses most in the category. Guild Wars Factiosn uses all the same graphics to support it, and even with these great graphics, a "high-end" PC is not neccasary (though better PCs will get throught load times faster than others).
For those that did play the original Guild Wars may be dissapointed that they'll have to buy a whole other [$50] game, when they already spent $50 on the first one. Though all the content and no monthly fee does make this buy worth every dollar.
In the end, Guild Wars Factions delivers with a ton of content, extensive customization, and more. This is a definate buy for RPG enthusiasts or just someone looking for a good PC game to play.